The Web-Email Spear Phishing Toolkit

An open-source phishing toolkit to simulate real-world phishing attacks that comprise phishing email and website.


Core Features

Easy Install

Installing SniperPhish is a breeze. Simply extract the files into your web server root and provide your database details.

Email + Web Campaign

Combine your phishing email with your phishing website to monitor both simultaneously.

Real-time Updates

Monitor your campaign's progress in real-time for both your phishing email and website interactions.

Seamless Website Integration

Create a tracker code for your phishing website and integrate it in a few simple steps.

Quick Tracker

A quick tracker is available for the emails you send from your preferred email client or the website you host.

Cross Platform

SniperPhish is currently compatible with Windows and Linux platforms.

Multiple Trackers

Tracks various types of information, including the user's internal IP, operating system, and login credentials, among others.

Advanced Report

Generate customized reports and export them in various formats.



SniperPhish Home

Email Campaign Dashboard

Web Tracker Generator

Web-Mail Campaign Dashboard

Part 1

Web-Mail Campaign Dashboard

Part 2

Quick Tracker

Mail Template

User Reply Mail

Advanced Mail Configuration

Mail Campaign Creation

SniperHost-Plain Text Hosting

SniperPhish Team

Gem George

Sreehari Haridas

Joseph Nygil


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